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Delta One presents Korea's Defense Industrial Evolution - from Offsets to Industrial Cooperation

GICA Autumn Conference was held in Toronto Canada on November 6-9, 2022. GICA (Global Industrial Cooperation Association) "provides a forum for industry and government leaders to connect, share best practices, policy updates, success stories and lessons learned for creating and implementing Industrial Cooperation & Partnership programs that deliver sustainable economic and social benefits to the countries where they are established."

Delta One CEO Ms. Hwa Yu and Senior Advisor Mr. James Grzella attended the conference and jointly presented "Korea's Defense Industrial Evolution - from Offsets to Industrial Cooperation," to an audience comprising offsets and industrial cooperation experts from different companies from different countries.

Over the past 50 years, the Republic of Korea has grown into a defense industrial global powerhouse expected to export $15+ billion in defense products in 2022. This presentation provided an overview of Korea’s lessons learned in 50 years of defense trade. It included an explanation of Korea’s Defense Agency Hierarchy not commonly understood, as well as Korea’s transition from offset to industrial cooperation. We explained challenges and opportunities related to industrial cooperation and considerations for industrial cooperation policies beyond offsets.

델타원 류화 대표와 James Grzella 수석고문은 11월 6일부터 9일까지 캐나다 토론토에서 개최된 글로벌산업협력협회(GICA) 컨퍼런스에 참석하였습니다. 이 기간 중 류대표와 그르젤라 수석고문은 "한국 방산의 진화: 절충교역에서 산업협력까지"라는 주제로 발표했습니다. 괄목할만한 성장을 이룩한 한국 방위산업의 지난 50년을 되돌아본 후 어떤 시사점들이 있는지를 나누었고, 산업협력으로 전환해가는 한국방산의 도전과제와 기회는 무엇인지를 청중과 공유하였습니다.

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