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Opportunities lie where the needs and wills of both sides meet, and collaboration is the key to success for all. We aspire to be a key link for industries of the US and Korea and guide you to create new values together and mutual benefits through the outcome much greater than the sum of the parts.

If you want to secure the right partner for industrial cooperation and offsets in Korea, we are here for you. We have identified, and continue to identify, qualified SMEs in Korea that will contribute to expand your business in the global market.

Business Meeting

Industrial Cooperation and Offset Program Development

Our team has accumulated expertise and maintains an excellent network to support U.S. aerospace and defense companies in satisfying their offset obligations. We develop and submit fully compliant offset/industrial cooperation proposals through collaboration with potential in-country recipients and offset obligors.

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Our team has participated in various research activities. In particular, we successfully completed research projects on the Global Value Chain (GVC) and the U.S. export control system commissioned by the Korean government and received positive feedbacks. 


The ROK Government's SME Nurturing Programs Support

The Korean government has various defense industry support programs that promote international industrial cooperation, such as the Global Defense SME Nurturing Program, Weapon System Modification Program, and Weapon System Operational Improvement Support Program. These programs offer foreign companies opportunities to develop or improve their weapon systems or features with funds from Korea by partnering with Korean SMEs for joint development or marketing.

Business Partner Search and Match

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