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Our VISION is to become a trusted go-to consulting firm that US and Korean companies and government entities find valuable advice and guidance from regarding US and Korea defense industrial cooperation and offset matters.

Hwa Yu



Myoung Soo Lah

 Vice President Marketing

Hwa has over 20 years experience working with the U.S. military community, including direct support of U.S.-Korea combined exercises and operations. In her last position as Chief DAPA Liaison & FMS Program Management Branch, JUSMAG-K, US Embassy, Seoul, she gained and leveraged specialized knowledge and experience in the defense acquisition systems of both U.S. and Korea to promote the alliance, handling matters ranging from security cooperation/ technology security/export control policies to foreign military sales (FMS) programmatic issues. Her dedicated service coupled with her experience help her clients accomplish success.

Myoung Soo is a highly-skilled professional with an eye for what makes a business succeed. Before devoting herself to Delta One LLC, she served as a Senior Commercial Specialist for Foreign Commercial Section (FCS), U.S. Embassy in Seoul. During her 30+ years of valuable experience, she was responsible for a vast array of industries that included aerospace/defense industries.  She established an excellent network in Korea’s government and private sectors and her valuable experience helps her to support clients to advance them into the global markets more efficiently.

 James has over three decades of high-level, private sector/military experience. Over the years, he has built a solid reputation for his ability to provide world-class consulting and advisory services to key players within the aerospace and defense industries. Jim is recognized as a global industry expert who  offers a unique combination of international business development and program management experience coupled with entrepreneurial expertise/leadership in developing collaborative solutions in diverse business and service sectors. He offers an unwavering commitment to excellence, dedication towards achieving success, and a sincere belief in his ability to provide dynamic leadership.

Wookyong has the strength of valuable experience and expertise gained from the international business arena in the Foreign Commercial Service (FCS), U.S. Embassy in Seoul and from years of work in various service industries. By making skillful and quick decisions, she forged constructive partnerships between U.S. and Korean firms, resulting in a significant amount of U.S. export sales. She is a dedicated and insightful professional ready to support you for the successful entry of your product into the Korean market and assist you effectively with your business activities in Korea.

 ​James Grzella

 Senior Advisor


 Wookyong Cho

 Strategy & Marketing Manager

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