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DAPA's Three Key Goals: capabilities, technology, exports

March 8, 2024, the Republic of Korea Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) announced its three key objectives and tasks for 2024.

  1. Overwhelming augmentation of force capabilities ($5.2B)

  2. Defense R&D investments ($1.8B) to become 7th global power in defense technology by 2027

  3. $20B Defense exports to become the world's 4th largest defense exporter by 2027

  1. [Force buildup] Rapid fielding of overwhelming force capabilities: DAPA will invest $5.2B in building a "three-axis" deterrence system designed to track, detect and strike North Korea's missiles and nuclear weapons. This year, DAPA will deliver destroyers equipped with next-generation AEGIS systems and 3,000 ton-class strategic submarines and complete the development of the L-SAM air defense system. These are major components of the three-axis deterrence system. DAPA will also reform the acquisition system to adopt emerging technologies in weapon systems and enable swift and flexible delivery of weapon systems.

  2. [Defense R&D] Leap to be a first mover in future technology development: DAPA will invest $1.8B in defense R&D to develop core technologies and challenging future technologies, aiming to become the world's top 7 defense technology power by 2027. Their investment focus areas will be 10 defense strategic technologies (selected in April 2023):

    1. Artificial Intelligence

    2. Quantum science

    3. Space

    4. Energy

    5. Advanced materials

    6. Cyber and network

    7. Manned/unmanned teaming

    8. Sensors and electromagnetic warfare

    9. Propulsion systems

    10. Response to WMD

  3. [Defense exports] Preparation to become the world's fourth largest exporter: DAPA plans to support rapid growth of 5 strategic industries: AI, manned/unmanned teaming, semiconductors, Robotics. It plans to identify 300 non-defense companies with innovative technologies with competitive edges in these sectors by 2027 and incentivise them to enter the defense sector. DAPA is motivated to build a one-stop export support system from an all-of-a-government approach that to provide support for defense exports from "negotiations to implementation".

All three goals - capabilities, technology and exports - offer opportunities for international industrial cooperation. Industrial collaboration makes it easier to achieve these goals and grow together, while nothing really could be done alone [End]

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